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This page contains a link to download and view our Church Profile, approved by the church body on April 23, 2017. Our Pastor Search Committee has prepared this to elaborate on where we’ve been (our rich heritage), where we are now (who we are and what we do), and most importantly, where we are going (our direction and strategy). It is our hope that anyone who might be a prospective pastor or member of our church can see what North Orange is doing to fulfill the Great Commission in Orange, Texas. If you are interested in submitting a recommendation or a resume, please submit to
To view the document, click below to download the Church Profile. It is a “pdf” document. We recommend  Adobe Reader for reading the file. Other “pdf” readers may work, but may not open the hyperlinks in the file.
If you cannot open and read the Church Profile, scroll down and click on the Adobe Reader icon and follow the instructions to install it on your device.

NOBC Church Profile 2017