"Suffering" Tagged Sermons

"Suffering" Tagged Sermons

Signs 3

“Our greatest, deepest need is found in Jesus.” Chip Anthony

Be Humble Be Watchful

“If it makes it through God’s hands into my life, although I don’t understand it, I can trust the Father.” Rusty Dollar

God On Film 2020 – Onward

“We live in a physical world. But we can’t live only in a physical world. We have to recognize the spiritual element that is happening in our world.” Chip Anthony

Rock Bottom 2

“I hope that we can be a church where people who are suffering can come to find healing.” Chip Anthony

Misquoted 3

Many people today proclaim a belief in God, but it is a belief in a Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, an abstract idea that If you are vaguely good the. God will give you some personally defined blessing. Chip Anthony